Alexa and SmartLife Blinds

For the indirect integration of Smart Home devices, such as for Tuya/SmartLife, the logic editor offers the option of enabling control from the KNX bus via the "EIBPORT V3 ALEXA" skill. In addition, the logic group provides the current position as confirmation.

To activate this functionality, the Alexa voice control must be set up in the logic editor via the menu item "System" / "Settings". The prerequisite is to register the EIBPORT V3 ALEXA Skill for the Amazon account used.

The input elements for switching commands can be received in the logic editor via the KNX bus or a visualisation. Users can control "Blind Move UP" or "Blind Move DOWN" with the voice commands or "Blind Position" as a scene.

For adaptation to the existing installation, an "inverter" tool can be used to adjust the direction as required.

Communication with Alexa takes place via the logic editor element "Alexa device". Since the EIBPORT V3 Alexa Skill only supports signalling contacts for external control, a separate "Alexa device" must be used for each switching function. The designation of the element is adopted by Alexa as a "trigger" (for the voice command). In the configuration, the corresponding icon for the Alexa is defined under the "Category" section.

To control the blinds, the "Dimmer" function was selected.
The Alexa logic editor element outputs the status information via the DIMM output.

Uwe Müller
(243; 2023.07)

Alexa and SmartLife Blinds

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