Z-Wave eMonitor 2

The http request in this logic group cyclically queries values and sends them to the KNX bus. The outputs are the current power as well as the daily and monthly consumption.
The query is carried out via http request using compatible Z-Wave devices (e.g. Z-Wave HUB or RaZberry).

The power and energy values are queried cyclically every 15 minutes and sent to the KNX bus. When the date changes, the daily count value is determined and the monthly count value is always determined on the first of the month and sent to the KNX bus. The following values are available for visualisation or further processing:
- "Power W" current power,
- "Meter kWh" current meter value,
- "Counter day kWh" Daily value counter
- "Meter month kWh" and monthly value meter.

The CONTROL L element "Top consumer" can also be used here, e.g. to display the energy values in a ranking.

Both http requests are structured as follows:

The IP address is the actual address of the Z-Wave gateway. The port number, on the other hand, is 8083 by default.
The value for Node is assigned by the gateway and can be taken from the configuration interface of the Z-Wave gateway.
The channel and command or parameter can also be found in the configuration interface under the desired Z-Wave device.

Here are two examples:
Z-Wave Switchable Socket - Consumption:

Z-Wave Room Controller - Temperature:

Tip: The complete http request can also be viewed from the configuration menu of the Z-Wave HUB.

The data point types of the inputs and outputs are as follows:
The determined values for power and energy are sent as DPT14.* (or EIS9).

Uwe Müller
(228; 2022.06)

Z-Wave eMonitor 2

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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