Weekly report by mail

This logic group generates a weekly report and sends it by e-mail to one or more recipients.
The Mail Report is the daily difference values from one meter for a whole week.

The procedure is divided into three parts (see distributor element)

For each date change, the current counter reading is first taken over in a value memory and the difference to the previous counter value is determined.
The result is given to all seven goal elements.

In the second step, the determined difference is transferred to the corresponding input (Monday to Sunday) of the mail sender element via one of the seven gate elements.
To ensure that the determined difference is assigned to the correct input (and thus the correct day of the week), a filter is configured for each trigger input of the gate elements.
Depending on the day of the week, only one of the gate elements is triggered and transferred to the mail sender element.

In the last step, a comparator checks whether the current day is a Sunday. If this is the case, the mail dispatch is triggered via a small delay.



Weekly report by mail

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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