Value filter sun position-sun height (2/2)

Logic group for controlling blinds according to the position of the sun.

The logic group for controlling blinds according to the position of the sun consists of 2 parts. The first part determines the position of the blinds according to the height of the sun and the second part controls the blinds/blind group according to the direction of the sky.

From the logic group "Position of the sun", the value sun elevation (angle of the sun to the 0-horizon) is transferred as an integer to this logic group. The following distributor transfers this value to several comparators.
The position value of the blind is to be divided into 3 ranges. (position 70, 60 and 50%). The smaller the sun angle, the greater the incidence of light. The specified position values are example values and can be adapted individually (e.g. for floor-deep glazing).

2 comparators are active per control range, except in the last range with only one lower limit. One comparator checks the lower and one checks the upper limit. If the value is within the range of lower and upper limit, i.e. both comparators send a "True", the AND logic outputs a "True". A subsequent binary element ensures that only a fixed position value is transmitted, because the trigger input of the fixed value element also transmits in case of "false".

The distributor transmits the respective valid position value to the blind group, grouped by cardinal direction. The input element "Enable Jal ..." enables the position value to be approached or otherwise a non-enable is sent as position value 0%. The binary element, send if false and the value translator false equal 0%.

Data point formats
Sun elevation Sun position: DPT 6.010/ EIS14s (values max. -90 and 90)
Blind release: DPT 1.* / EIS 1
Blind position outputs: DPT 5.* / EIS 6 (%)

(241; 2023.06)

Value filter sun position-sun height (2/2)

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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