Transform values

In this logic group, the input value is converted or transformed with a factor.

The factor for the (linear) transformation is transferred via the "Limitation value" input (0-100%) of this logic group.
With each new "input value", the "limit value" is first divided by 100, then multiplied by the "input value" and output via the output.

A practical example is the use with luminaires, in this way the maximum dimming value can be changed for different conditions.
- During the day, the limitation value 100% does not influence the dimming value.
- However, if the limiting value is set to e.g. 40% in the evening hours, the lamps will only dim to 40% with an input value of 100%.
This means that if the user switches on the lamp with 100% (or 50%), this logic group transforms the dimming value at the output to 40% (or 20%).

Hint. The limit value is expected as a percentage value. With a limit value of 100%, the input value does not change.
The transformation in this logic group is linear. The "transformer" element of the logic editor additionally enables non-absolute linear transformations.

Transform values

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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