Remaining time

This logic group outputs the remaining time in seconds. After the logic group is released, the set time is counted down in seconds and output.
After the time has expired, a message is issued via a separate output.

The "Enable" input activates the timer with the value TRUE, whose seconds output in turn cyclically controls the subsequent value memory. The current remaining time in seconds is always stored in this value memory.
This value is subtracted by 1 with each run and then output via the "Remaining time" output.

As soon as the set time has elapsed, the value TRUE is output via the second output "End of message" and is set to FALSE again after a delay of 3 seconds.

If the release is set to FALSE before the preset time has elapsed, the process is stopped and the preset value in seconds is restored. Thus, the counting process always starts with the preset value during the next run.

The value TRUE at the "Retrigger" input causes (with the process running) the preselection value to be restored without interrupting the running process. This function is intended to extend the process by the set time.
If the operation is not active, the value TRUE can start the operation.

Finally, the input "individual start value". The preset time of 30 seconds can be changed via this input. This value remains until the logic group is reactivated from the logic editor.


Jannis Alexiou
(202; 2022.02)

Remaining time

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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