Staircase lighting step by step

This logic group switches the lighting of the individual steps of a staircase on and off one after the other.

The five stages in this example are switched on from the 1st stage (lowest) to the 5th stage (highest) when the signal at the bottom is triggered ...
and then switched off again after 10 seconds in the same sequence.
When the upper detector triggers, the sequence is reversed. The stages are switched on from the 5th stage ...
and switched off again in the same order after the delay by the staircase automat.

The direction (from top to bottom / from bottom to top) in which the steps are switched on and off is triggered via two inputs (detector top and detector bottom).
The two staircase lighting automats take over the switching off after the preset time.
The light scene elements switch the individual levels in the correct sequence and with the desired time delay.

The number of steps is expandable.


Jannis Alexiou
(203; 2022.02

Staircase lighting step by step

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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