Sluice control

Here a logic group for an interlock control for two doors.

The interlock control for the doors has separate displays in red and green for both doors.
Both doors are opened via a door opener and monitored with one reed contact each.

Both doors have two buttons (inside and outside, both are connected to a binary input) to control the door opener.
This controls the first door for 3 seconds and blocks the control of the second door.
If the door is opened, this also blocks the control of the other door.
Only if both doors are closed and not actuated, one door can be triggered.
This was implemented with door openers that open in a de-energised state. The actuator was parameterised here as an "opener".

An emergency switch is provided at each door to interrupt the power supply and thus open the doors in an emergency and in the event of a power failure.
The emergency switch is also connected to a binary input. When the circuit is closed again, the status messages required in the logic are read in again.

Christian Geier
(212; 2022.04)

Sluice control

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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