Robonect query (XML)

This simple logic group cyclically polls the status query from the Robonect module for Husqvarna (Automower) or Garden robotic lawnmowers.

The current status is queried every 10 minutes via a "cyclic transmitter" by http request.
The XML response of the http query is evaluated via a text processor and sent to the KNX bus via the outputs.
The following information is requested:
- Name
- ID
- Status
- Mode
- State of charge
- Operating hours
- Timer status
- Knife wear
- Operating hours "Knife
- Error state
- next start and
- WLAN signal strength
- Temperature (not output) and
- Humidity (not output)

For better comprehensibility, the values for "Status", "Operating mode" and "Timer status" are each translated into meaningful information (in text form) using a separate translator tool.
The following are the possible issues:

Value 0 = Status is determined
Value 1 = Automower parks
Value 2 = Automower mows
Value 3 = Automower searches for the charging station
Value 4 = Automower charging
Value 5 = Automower searching (waiting to be moved in manual mode)
Value 7 = Error status
Value 8 = loop signal lost
Value 16 = Automower switched off
Value 17 = Automower is sleeping

Operating mode
Value 0 = Auto
Value 1 = Manual
Value 2 = Home
Value 3 = Demo

Timer status
Value 0 = Disabled
Value 1 = Active
Value 2 = Standby

Necessary adjustment.
In order to use the logic group, the IP address (replace ) of the module and, if necessary, the user name and password must be entered in the http request element "http query".

Further information on the interface is available at or

Michael Barnikel

Robonect query (XML)

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
*With the download you accept the Notes on use for logic groups.