Lawn irrigation with moisture sensor

This logic group controls a lawn irrigation system that is divided into three sections.
The requirement for the control system was that not all five areas are irrigated at the same time and that the moisture sensors are taken into account.
Watering is started as soon as all four moisture sensors report a one. Inputs "Sensor 1" to "Sensor 4". Irrigation continues until one of the moisture sensors reports a zero.

Watering is started by the inputs "Sensor 1", "Sensor 2", "Sensor 3" and "Sensor 4" when all inputs report the value one.
The "Watering time" input allows the user to set the duration for each area. In the delivery of this logic group, the time for testing is set to five seconds.

If run is started, the outputs "Valve 1", "Valve 2", "Valve 3", "Valve 4" and "Valve 5" are set to the value one for the specified duration.
The cycle is restarted until one of the sensors reports a zero.

If a zero is sent from a sensor during a run, all outputs are set to zero.

Lawn irrigation with moisture sensor

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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