Lawn watering (release)

In this logic group, the example "Race irrigation (simple)" has been extended by a release for each individual area.

This logic group controls a lawn irrigation system that is divided into six sections.
This control also waters the six areas one after the other. The watering time for the blocked areas is not taken into account and watering is started for the next released area.

The irrigation is started by the "Start" input.

Via the additional "Enable" input, this function can be blocked (activated (with the value one) or deactivated (with the value zero)), e.g. during rainy or fixed periods.

If an area is not to be watered, the "Enable" input sets the watering time for the corresponding area to zero and simultaneously blocks the output.
The reason for setting the watering time to zero is as follows: In this way, the watering time does not have to expire before watering for the next area can begin.
As soon as the deactivated area is activated again, the function restores the set watering time.

The user sets the times for the individual areas via the "Time" inputs. In the delivery of this logic group, the time for testing is set to three seconds.

If the run is started via the "Start" input, the outputs are set to the value one in sequence for the specified duration. After the watering time has elapsed, the output is set to zero again.

As a last step, the data point "Start" is reset to zero via group "Reset function".

Lawn watering (release)

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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