POOL Control 45 control system from OSF

"Pool filter control with POOL-Control-45 control from OSF."

The current status is queried cyclically, every 5 minutes, via the http request element "PC-45".
The response is forwarded to the following text processor element and in this example only the three parameters "Mode", "Query time", "Alarm state" are evaluated.
The evaluated values are sent to the KNX bus via the following output elements.

This logic group also allows a new mode to be set. For this purpose, the received 1-byte value is set to the new mode via the input element "Input Mode" using a total of three necessary http requests elements ("Entrance", "Mode change" and "Exit") at the POOL controller.
In addition, after a short delay after the mode has been changed, the status is read out again to send the current values on the KNX bus.

In a similar way, other values can be read or set from the POOL Controller.
For more details, see the documentation on the manufacturer's website www.osf.de.


Aleksandr Chubuk
Engineer PE „Smarthouse“
(188; 2021.07)

POOL Control 45 control system from OSF

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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