This logic group shows how compatible MusicCast devices (using the Yamaha Extended Control protocol) are controlled via http request.

This example shows the configuration using the commands "Power" and "Standby". The http request can thus be used as a template to implement further commands or functions in the logic editor.

The desired state is set via the "Power/Standby" input per 1Bit. The translator tool converts TRUE into the value "1" and FALSE into the value "2".
The http request element sends the corresponding http request depending on the input value. The input values for the http request element are assigned as follows:
1 = Power
2 = Standby

To use the logic group, the IP address of the compatible MusicCast device must be entered.
Note: In this example, "main" is stored as the zone in the http request.

Andreas Doppelhammer
(181; 2021.01)


This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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