Musiccast Library (extended)

This logic group determines the states of compatible MusicCast devices (using the Yamaha Extended Control protocol) which are queried via http request in order to send them to the KNX bus.
First, the entire information is requested from the compatible MusicCast devices via http request. Then, with the help of two LUA script logic editor elements, the desired information is read from the response and output via the respective output element.
A cyclic transmitter triggers the request every 10 seconds. The http request logic editor element itself has two different http requests.
One for the STATUS and another for the PLAY information. The desired response is read from both responses in a separate LUA script logic editor element and sent to the KNX bus via an output element.

Here are the available states for the STATUS:
1. power status (false / true)
2. power status text
3. volume status

And the output for PLAY:
1. musiccast input
2. cover image url
3. play time
4. total time
5. artist
6th album
7. track

To use the logic group, the IP address of the compatible MusicCast device must be entered in the http request.
Hint. In this example, "main" is stored as the zone in the http request.

Andreas Doppelhammer
(222; 2022.06)

Musiccast Library (extended)

This logic group is compatible with: EP
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