Monitor and synchronise measurement interval

This logic group checks the runtime of a given interval for deviations and outputs the remaining or exceeded time of the current interval. In addition, the logic group synchronises the interwall to ensure that no deviations occur.

An application example of this logic group is e.g. the control of the ¼-hour metering of the utility company and thus also the optimisation of peak load avoidance.
The signal transmitted by the RU at the beginning of the interval is required for this. It is used to reset the interval measurement.

To the function:
The "Reset" input cyclically receives a KNX telegram to trigger the start of the measurement and reset it at the same time. With the TRUE received via the "Reset" input, the cyclical transmitter "Second cycle" is also activated.
The cyclic transmitter sends a telegram every second that counts up a counter value and thus outputs the time (count value) of how long the interval has been running.

The first maths tool after the element "Second cycle" counts up the current counter value.
With the second maths tool, the current counter value is subtracted from the preset interval time and thus results in the remaining time (as a negative value in seconds) of the current interval. When the interval expires, the value becomes positive and outputs the time that the "reset" telegram is overdue.

The reset of the interval. The translator tool after the input "Reset", only allows the value TRUE and translates this to the value FALSE. Thus, the current counter value is set to zero and the measurement starts again from the beginning with the counter value 0.

Dietmar Schneider

Monitor and synchronise measurement interval

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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