Ventilation system *

The logic group controls a Novus Paul F300 ventilation system as required via an analogue KNX 0-10V output (4-fold).

The functions of this logic group can be used, among other things, to open windows, heat in summer and control via KNX/LAN. The logic group also activates/deactivates various operating modes (off, normal and night operation, shock ventilation) via a time programme. Manual control is also possible at any time.
This way, the ventilation system can also be controlled via LAN/WLAN (via a visualisation) or the time programmes can be changed.

In addition, from a certain difference (the average temperature of all rooms facing south and the outside temperature), it is decided whether shading is necessary. If necessary, this switches off the ventilation system and deactivates the shock ventilation.

Jochen Mälzer
(210; 2022.04)

Ventilation system *

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