Light control

In this logic group, the dimming value is output as a percentage via a brightness sensor, five brightness levels and five setpoint levels.

For this purpose, the five brightness levels are first compared with the actual brightness.
Each of the 5 brightness levels is freely selectable. Likewise, the five setpoint levels are also freely selectable.

Setpoint level 1" is the highest level, here set to 100% in the example. Setpoint level 5" is the lowest level, here set to 50% in the example.

The following setpoint levels then result in the logic group:
Brightness level 1 - below 5000lx results in setpoint level 5 (max.) with 100%
Brightness level 2 - from 5000lx to 15000lx results in setpoint level 4 with 90%
Brightness level 3 - from 15000lx to 25000lx results in setpoint level 3 with 80%
Brightness level 4 - from 25000lx to 35000lx results in setpoint level 2 with 70%
Brightness level 5 - over 35000lx results in setpoint level 1 (min.) with 50%

All setpoint levels are sent to the output.
The light control can be switched on and off via the "Light control on/off" object.

Dominik Reichert
geobra Brandstätter Foundation & Co. KG
(216; 2022.04)

Light control

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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