Highest prioritised messages 2

With this revised example, the three highest priority messages are output as text, the number of messages and an email is also sent.

The messages are output via the 20 inputs per 1-bit value.
The following translator tool generates the text "ok" (no message) or "malfunction XX" (if a message is present) and passes this content to the LUA script element.
In this revised version, the inputs no longer have to be occupied. Previously, the LUA module gave a message at the output if there was no value at the input or if it was not used.

The text for the respective message can be replaced by your own text with a maximum of 14 characters.

With the help of an LUA script, three messages are output in order of priority.
The priority is defined by the order of the inputs.

In addition, another output is added which changes to True if at least one message is present and changes back to False if no message is present.
Likewise, in the revised version of the logic group, an e-mail is also sent for each value change.

In addition to the 3 highest priority messages, the sum of the messages is output numerically as information via a separate output.

Gasser Erwin
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(200; 01.2022)

Highest prioritised messages 2

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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