Heating/air conditioning switchover countdown (2/2)

The logic group indicates when the switchover between heating and cooling will take place. The reason for this is that a time delay is necessary due to the 2-pipe system used.

To avoid short-term switching, a delay of 6 hours is set. Since an output is desired to inform when the 6 hours are up, this logic group can be used.

The object (cooling mode) transmits the current state and thereby releases the respective maths job. The current state is therefore essential.
The respective request then comes via the object (heating/cooling) and starts the corresponding countdown. In our case, this is done via a value that is evaluated accordingly by the threshold value.
However, there is nothing to be said against replacing these two objects with a bit object.

If the countdown is interrupted because the requirement changes again within the 6 hours, the number is reset to 0. The fixed value only needs to be one number higher than required for the countdown to start with the correct value. As long as the condition does not change, no countdown is started.

Markus Dworak
Siblik Elektrik GesmbH&CoKG
Product Specialist Building Technology
(226; 2020.04)

Heating/air conditioning switchover countdown (2/2)

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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