Colour depending on the time

This logic group sends a colour as an RGB value to the output, which is dependent on the time.

Five time spans have been implemented, each time span can be assigned its own colour.

The visualisation user can set the limits for the time spans himself and assign the corresponding colour.

The time spans are set as 1-byte values via the inputs "Time range 1-4".
To do this, simply send the hours as a byte value.

Example: Time range 1 "8", time range 2 "12", time range 3 "16" and time range 4 "20". With these values, the 1st colour is output until 8am, the 2nd colour until 12am, the 3rd colour until 4pm, the 4th colour until 8pm and the 5th colour until 2pm.

The colours are controlled via three 1-byte values (RGB).

The evaluation is carried out by four comparators.
The hourly value is compared with the specified time ranges. If this is greater, the comparators give a "one" to the output.
The buzzer of all outputs of the comparators is formed and the corresponding colour is triggered by this sum.

Colour depending on the time

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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