Operating hours counter

This logic group measures and outputs the operating time in hours. Here is how it works in detail:

  1. The second counter is started via the "Operation On/Off" input. This input can be, for example, the status feedback of a switching actuator via which a lighting is switched. As soon as this input is activated, the cyclical transmitter starts, which sends a telegram every second.
  2. The counted telegrams are added and converted into minutes.
  3. A value filter is used to filter the zero. This allows the input to be easily switched on and off without affecting the addition of the minutes.
  4. After adding up the operating minutes, these are converted into operating hours (floating point number) in the last step.
  5. The measured time in operating hours is sent to the KNX bus via the "Output".
  6. Via the "h reset" input, the operating hours at the output can be reset to zero, if desired.

With this logic group, you can therefore measure the operating time in hours, output it on the KNX bus and reset it if necessary. The logic group is based on the second-by-second counting and addition of telegrams to accurately record the operating time.


Dominik Reichert
geobra Brandstätter Foundation & Co. KG
(217; 2022.04)

Operating hours counter

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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