ALEXA and Astro Clock

This logic group makes it possible, for example, to switch a light on and off differently via an Alexa voice command, depending on the time of day.

Usually, in the logic editor, the voice commands from the Alexa element are issued directly via the output.

In this logic group, however, the voice command for switching a light, for example, is influenced by the astro clock element. During the day, the lighting is switched on with 100% and switched off with 0% and after sunset it is only switched on with 60% and switched off with 10% (night light).

The astro clock in the logic group activates/deactivates two logic elements alternately, at the time of sunset and sunrise.
In this way, the telegrams are routed to the output of the logic group via two different "translation" tools. The two "translator" tools convert the binary values into the desired switch-on and switch-off values.
Gate elements can also be used instead of the two logic elements.

This results in another example that shows how the language function, which is available as a trigger in the logic editor, can be smartly extended with all the possibilities of the logic editor.

ALEXA and Astro Clock

This logic group is compatible with: EP
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