ALEXA Locking periods

This logic group allows Alexa to release voice commands only at predefined times.

Normally, the voice command is issued and executed directly. In this example logic group, however, the voice command is released via a week clock to determine when this command may be executed and when not.
So that feedback can also be given to the user as to why the command does not trigger, even though Alexa confirms the command, an output for reporting is also added to this logic group.

The gate element "Command allowed?" blocks or allows the voice command depending on the week clock. The week clock controls the gate element via the GATE input.

In parallel, the door element "Release there?" is opened and closed inverted to the door element "Commanded allowed? If the voice commands to the "Garage" output are blocked, this door element reports the blocked voice command via the "MESSAGE" output.
The translator tool ensures that only the value "1" is output via the "MESSAGE" output.

So this example is also intended to show that voice commands in combination with the functions of the logic editor open up a multitude of new possibilities.

ALEXA Locking periods

This logic group is compatible with: EP
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