Weekly clock heating

The week clock in this logic group controls the heating via the "Operating mode" output.

A 1-byte data point type is used for the output of the week clock.
Thus, three operating modes can be called up via a weekly clock.

The "Enable" input activates the function of the weekly clock and thus also the logic group.

The values for the operating modes are as follows:
0 = Auto
1 = Comfort (red in the weekly schedule)
2 = Standby (green in the weekly schedule)
3 = Economy (blue in the weekly schedule)
4 = Building Protection

In the configuration of the weekly timer, the weekly schedule can be adjusted here in the editor or also via the EIBPORT visualisation.
Via the visualisation even conveniently by the visualisation user himself.

Weekly clock heating

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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