Day-night switching (simple)

With this logic group, the light is switched on with a high or low dimming value depending on the astronomical clock.

This allows, for example, the bathroom lighting to be switched on with different brightness depending on the time.

The logic group is controlled via the astronomical clock. The day/night switchover thus takes place at the sunrise and sunset times.

During the day, the light is switched on with e.g. 100%, while after sunset it is switched on with e.g. 60% only.

A positive side effect is that less energy is consumed.

The switching input is only switched on or off by the user with the data point type "1 bit".
The function evaluates the input from the astronomical clock and sends the set value to the output.

The output is a "1-byte value" (absolute dimming value).

Day-night switching (simple)

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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