Sony TV Remote v2

This example shows how a Sony TV set is controlled with a logic group (via HTTP request) and the status for operation and volume is queried cyclically.

In this logic group (unlike the first example "Sony TV Remote"), the TV-specific control commands are stored directly in the "Translator" tool. This means that the "Fixed value" elements and "Translator" tool are no longer necessary for each control command.

The desired states "Operation" and "Volume" are queried cyclically with the help of the "Cyclic transmitter" element, the response is evaluated with the "Text processor" element and sent to the outputs on the KNX bus.

Required adjustment before using this example:
- The necessary parameters IP address and password (PSK) are transferred via the "Fixed value" elements "IP Address" and "X-Auth-PSK".
- Set a data point in TV Control Value Input, set your IP address in IP Address Static Value, set the Pre-Shared Key of your TV in X-Auth-PSK Static Value.

The following settings must be set on the SONY TV to set the IP address and Pre-Shared Key of your TV:
- IP_address:
HOME/MENU -> Network Settings -> View Network Status -> [TV IP Address] (menu navigation may vary)
Use a static IP address as it is possible that the IP address may change automatically.
The setting can be found under HOME/MENU -> Network Settings -> IP Configuration -> Static

- Pre-Shared Key
HOME/MENU -> Settings -> Network -> Home Network Settings -> IP Configuration -> Authentication -> Change here to "Normal and pre-installed key ".
HOME/MENU -> Settings -> Network -> Home Network Settings -> IP Configuration -> Preinstalled Key -> Set [Create Own Key] (Menu navigation may vary)

You can find all supported remote control commands of your TV via the following 2 commands for the console command "cURL".
(from Terminal on Mac or Google for instructions run with curl) if you want to add more.

AppControl commands:
curl -v -XPOST http://[your_TV's_IP_address]/sony/appControl -H 'X-Auth-PSK:[your_PSK]' -d '{"method": "getApplicationList", "params":[""], "id":4, "version": "1.0"}'.
Remote control commands:
curl -v -XPOST http://[your_IP]/sony/system -H 'X-Auth-PSK:[your_PSK]' -d '{"id":20, "method": "getRemoteControllerInfo", "version": "1.0", "params":[]}'.

The commands depend on the model of the television. Therefore, you need to find out which control commands are supported by looking at the console commands shown.
Subsequently, you can add or replace fehelende control commands in the logic group.


Panayiotis Voulgarakis
Technical Manager
Ganotis Group S.A.

Sony TV Remote v2

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
*With the download you accept the Notes on use for logic groups.