Nuki with status request

"Nuki with status request" is a logic group that can be used to periodically request the status of a Nuki Smart Lock via http or to control the lock.

Information is cyclically requested from the logic group via http query.
This query gives the following feedback:
- Switching,
- Battery alarm and
- Time stamp of the last locking process.

The time stamp is adjusted to the season via a year clock. For summer or winter time, either 1 hour or hours are added to convert from UTC to the current time.

Besides requesting information, this logic group can also unlock or lock the lock or activate or deactivate the "Lock & Go" function.
After each unlocking and locking, the current status is queried and output after a preset delay.

The token and the Nuki ID will be replaced by 12345 as placeholder.
The IP address must also be adjusted.


Markus Waldhauser
(215; 2022.04)

Nuki with status request

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
*With the download you accept the Notes on use for logic groups.