Message history

This logic group displays the most recent message and additionally the last 6 messages, in correct chronological order.

The EIS15 or DPT16 telegram values received via the input are transferred to the value memory for the current message.
In parallel, the value memories are triggered one after the other via the distributor element in reverse order in order to trigger the message
a) output via the output and
b) to be transferred to the next value store.

With this sequence (starting from the lowest to the first value memory), the message is sent to the next value memory.

To ensure that the value storage elements are triggered with a TRUE, a translator tool is placed in front of the distributor, which converts all telegrams into the Boolean value "TRUE".

This logic group generates telegrams on all outputs with each new message received. This is the only way to completely update the sequence, e.g. in a list on a visualisation.
It must therefore be taken into account that each time a new message is generated, it must be sent to all outputs.

Jannis Alexiou
(195; 2021.11)

Message history

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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