Kostal PIKO Solar

This logic group reads out current measured values of a photovoltaic system. The read-out data can thus be displayed in a KNX visualisation or made available for functions and actions.
The measured values of the photovoltaic system/storage are provided via the network interface of the PIKO Solar from the manufacturer "Kostal".

For the function of the logic group:
The data is requested via the cyclic transmitter every 30 seconds by the logic editor http request element.

The individual measured values are extracted from the received JSON data via the text processors and sent to the KNX bus via the twelve outputs.
Two of these measured values are additionally translated in order to output them as text.

This logic group outputs the following values:
(1) DC power in W
(2) AC power in W
(3) PV total production in kW
(4) Operating status (0=Off, 1=Idle, 2=Starting, 3=Feeding MPP, 4=Down, 5=Feeding) - Converter text display
(5) State of charge in %
(6) Charging cycles Int
(7) Temperature in °C
(8) Current voltage in V
(9) Current in A
(10) Load/unload (0=load, 1=unload) - converter text display
(11) Purchased energy (domestic consumption) in W
(12) Own consumption in W

Kostal PIKO Solar

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
*With the download you accept the Notes on use for logic groups.