Send camera archive status by mail

In the event that the camera archive cannot fetch or save an image from the camera, this logic group sends a message to the user by mail.

About the function of the logic group: The STATUS output of the camera archive element reports the status in the form of an integer number after each operation to inform whether the operation was successful - or not.

This status number is converted into a text message with a translator tool and forwarded to the email sender.
Thus, instead of the status number, a text message is inserted into the e-mail.

The e-mail is then sent via the second translator tool.

The second translator tool is used to send an email only in case of error messages and of course to convert the integer number into a Boolean to trigger the sending.
In this example, the number "1" is missing in the translator tool to not trigger the dispatch if the process had been successful.

In the event that a notification is also required in the event of a successful process, the rule for the integer value "1" only needs to be subsequently maintained in the two translator tools.

The distribution element after the camera archive ensures that the text is sent first and then the e-mail.


Here are the integer internal status codes.
1: Status OK (operation successful)

2: General error
3: Camera is not accessible
4: Image could not be picked up from the camera
5: HTTP authentication error from the camera (most likely wrong access data).
6: Other HTTP error
7: The configured camera archive does not exist
8: The memory reserved for the camera archive is exhausted



Send camera archive status by mail

This logic group is compatible with: EP
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