HUE Cyclic status request

This logic group cyclically determines (via Hue Bridge) the status of a Philips Hue luminaire.

Since changes are not actively reported by the HUE side, the status must be queried regularly. This makes sense if the HUE APP is used instead of the visualisation itself.
So that the status can also be correctly displayed in the visualisation, it is cyclically queried via http request whether the HUE luminaire is switched on or not.

This is done via an http request that is triggered by a cyclic transmitter.
The result of the http request is evaluated by the text processor element and output via the "Status" output.

Note: An API key, the IP address of the HUE Bridge and the ID of the HUE lamp are required for the logic group. This information must be entered in the http request.
The following field placeholders are in the http request element:

HUE Cyclic status request

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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