Fronius inverter query

This simple logic group shows the retrieval of measured values from a Fronius Symo 3-M inverter.

The current measured values are requested every minute via http request (with the help of a "cyclic transmitter"). The inverter requests the "Inverter Realtime Data".
The response of the http query is evaluated via a text processor. The text processor reads the following values from this data:
- PAC (W)
- YEAR_ENERGY (Wh) and

In addition to the "nominal power (W)", the "daily energy (Wh)", "annual energy (Wh)" and "total energy (Wh)" are also sent via a separate output.

Necessary adjustment.
In order for the logic group to be used, the IP address (replace ) of the inverter must be entered in the http request element "Query Inverter".

The API interface of the inverter is described in detail in the PDF "Fronius Solar API V1".

Harald Faller

Fronius inverter query

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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