This logic group blocks subsequent telegrams for 3 seconds after a telegram has been received via the input and output via the output.

When the logic group is activated, the gate element is initialised first. For this purpose, a TRUE is sent to the GATE input so that the first telegram received can be forwarded.

The next telegram received via the input is first transferred to the gate element via the distributor and immediately forwarded to the "output".
In the next step, the "debounce time" element (staircase automat) is triggered and the door element is blocked for the following telegrams for 3 seconds via an inverter.
After 3 seconds, the Staircase automation element sets the GATE of the gate element to TRUE again and allows the next telegram to be forwarded to the output again.
This prevents (unwanted) duplicate telegrams.



This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
*With the download you accept the Notes on use for logic groups.