Date and time with interval time

With this logic group, the current time and date are sent via two separate KNX group addresses at a predefined interval.

The current time is provided by the timer. Only the values that have changed are sent.
This means that the value for the second is sent every second, whereas the value for the year is only sent annually.

The "Cyclic transmitter" element controls the sending of the time and date. This element triggers the sending of the time and date after the specified interval time via the TRIP input. This prevents a telegram from being sent every second.

However, so that all information is available after commissioning this logic group, the "Fixed value" element was used for initialisation.
This element triggers once when the logic group is initialised and thus triggers the timer once to send the time and date.

Date and time with interval time

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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