Operating modes for heating via weekly timer

This logic group makes it possible to select different operating modes using a week clock, but instead of a telegram value, via a name.

This allows the user to select the operating modes in the visualisation easily and conveniently using the designations.

The week clock itself can be controlled via the "Enable" input. The operating modes available in this logic group and stored in the week clock are:

  • Auto (telegram value 0)
  • Comfort (telegram value 1)
  • Standby (telegram value 2)
  • Economy (telegram value 3)
  • Building Protection (telegram value 4)

These designations are also visible in the visualisation via the logic editor plug-in and can be set by the user in the weekly clock according to the desired times.

Another advantage is that the user can use his own designations for the operating modes or even use a different language.

In order to send the correct telegram value later at the output on the KNX bus, the identifier for the selected operating mode is "translated" by the translator tool into the corresponding telegram value before it is sent on the KNX bus.

Christian Geier ELIN GmbH (196; 2021.11)

Operating modes for heating via weekly timer

This logic group is compatible with: EP, LOM
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