Alarm system connector

The logic group cyclically polls the status of doors to send them to the KNX bus.
The states of the doors are queried via a Siemens Vanderbilt alarm system. The "http Box" Siemens Vanderbilt alarm system is required for this.

The cyclic sender is queried cyclically via http request every 17 seconds. The answer to the http request is transferred to the subsequent text processor.
Here the 16 states are read from the response.
Before the state is sent to the KNX bus via the respective output element, the translator tool converts the decimal value into Boolean (0=FALSE; 1=TRUE).
For better clarity, all 16 translator tool elements are superimposed.

Note: As this logic group generates 16 telegrams with one query, it is recommended to activate the telegram rate limit in the logic editor (under the logic editor settings).


Bruno Dürrenberger
(183; 2021.03)

Alarm system connector

This logic group is compatible with: EP
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